Over the Easter Weekend, it was hot competition amongst the J/22s sailing at their Open France regatta in Nantes, despite the chilly weather all over Europe. Hosted by Sport Nautique de L’Ouest (SNO) at Port Breton, the J/22s had one of their best regattas in years with a strong contingent of ten teams participating in the opening event of the J/22 sailing season in France. Not to be denied from their fixation getting on the podium were the BEASTY BOYS team comprised of Frederic Mouches, Yannick Souron and Thierry Picault. Their win was not an easy one as the MAJIC boys led by Bernard Andre with crew Remi Nobileau and Pacale Andre were never far out of the running. However, a costly 8th in the first race and 6th in the eleventh race hurt their chances of ending the BEASTY BOYS reign as Kings of J/22s Francais! Behind these two leaders were Patrick Huet sailing with “le Pierre’s,” Royne and Bothorel, on EUROPEAN HOMES garnering 3rd overall. The balance of the top five were the following: sailing ORANGINA was Reiner Brockerhoof, sailing the best overall record in the fleet for the last three races with a 2-2-1 to secure 4th overall; and grabbing 5th place was the first woman skipper, Clair Pouteau sailing SOFFE! For more J/22 France sailing information, visit www.j22-france.com.

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