The European Championship 2022 took place again at the North Sea Regatta in Scheveningen from June 4-6. Unfortunately only 13 boats had entered, but COVID-19 is also not yet completely over and forced one or the other not to register. Racing started on Saturday, with moderate winds around 4 Bf, so ideal conditions to have great surfs on the waves of the North Sea. However, after three races the wind ran out of breath and the boats sailed back to the harbor of Scheveningen. Back in the harbor one could strengthen oneself again at the built up food trucks. In the evening there was live music in the tent opposite the clubhouse. Sunday started with some delay, because the race committee waited for a thunderstorm front to pass by. The following three races took place in winds around 3 Bf. The fourth race had been started on this day but had to be cancelled due to lack of wind. Finally, Monday was marked by a stormy low pressure and the race committee decided to cancel all races with wind speeds around 25 kn and gusts up to 30 kn. The world champions of 2019 Jean-Michel Lautier, Giuseppe D’Aquino and Denis Neves also took the 2022 European title very confidently. Second was the team from the Netherlands Ivo Jeukens, Auke Holtrop and Lotte Brasser. Third was the team from Delft University of Technology with Emma Kok, Julia van den Heuvel, Wouter Spek and Manon Van der Stap.

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