When the final boat docked at the Montego Bay Yacht Club signaling the end of the 30th Annual Jamaica International Invitational (JAMIN) Regatta, it was team ADJUSTED from the Cayman Islands who were declared the winners: Joe Palone, Mike Farrington and Karin McGarth. Five teams from the United States, two from Canada and two from the Cayman Islands arrived on the island on Thursday, along with four teams from Jamaica to assemble the largest fleet of J/22s. Taking second place was Michele Cimon and her team from Ottawa, Canada sailing JIM SCREECHIE, and third was Drew Mutch’s crew on JUST WING IT from Annapolis, MD. The Jamaican teams AYAHSO and TSUNAMI placed sixth and ninth, respectively. At the end of the event, JAMIN organizing committee chairman Richard Hamilton thanked the volunteers for their tremendous support: “This would not have been possible without a number of volunteers who believe in reviving the sport of sailing and boating in general in Jamaica. A number of owners, including myself, gave up our boats to visitors to the island who came with the intent of participating in the regatta. We also sought the support from Seaboard Marine and major lubricant distributor Lubit; combined they were very instrumental in getting two additional boats from Cayman. The turnout was absolutely tremendous, and we look forward to bigger and better events next year,” he said. In addition to the daily races, participants were given a taste of Jamaican culture with an opening cocktail party hosted by CPJ at the Montego Bay Yacht Club on Thursday and a fete at the Hard Rock Café the following evening. On Saturday night ahead of the final races, participants were shuttled to a pirate-themed party hosted by Lynn and Brian Langford at their Great River home. The Jamaica International Invitational is one of the oldest regattas in the Caribbean, which aims to highlight the island as a premier sailing destination in the world. The regatta was held in conjunction with the Jamaica Olympic Association, the Jamaica Yachting Association, the Montego Bay Yacht Club and the 2019 committee of volunteers: Welcome to Montego Bay, Welcome to the Yacht Club and Welcome to Jamin 2019. The beginning of the regatta was enabled by the generous heart of Tony Hart; he was instrumental in bringing the boats to Montego Bay in the 1980s. Finally, it’s important to recognize the historical supporters of the regatta:
• the longest standing repeat customer: Galen Freeman, who was in MoBay 30 years ago at the inaugural regatta. Galen is from Tennessee.
• the second longest sailor: Bruce Berner, who was in MoBay 28 years ago and still has the t-shirt to prove it. Bruce is from Indianapolis, Indiana.
For more J/22 Jammin’ Jamaica Regatta information, visit https://www.mobayyachtclub.com/.

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