Two days of racing has proven strong for Travis Odenbach’s Honeybadger (Rochester Yacht Club), currently at the top with 9 points. In second place with 24 points is James Freedman’s Miss Conduct, joined by crew John Skiles and Angel Shellenberger. With 26 points, Chase Quinn’s Osprey is in third place and Jeffrey Todd’s Hot Toddy is in fourth on a tiebreaker.

The 21 teams took to the waters of Tawas Bay for the second day of the Championship and completed three races in the afternoon. Todd’s Hot Toddy won race three in winds between 7.5-9 knots, followed by Odenbach’s Honeybadger in second and Freedman’s Miss Conduct in third. Then Odenbach’s Honeybadger won race four in winds around 9 knots, trailed by Christopher Doyle’s The Jug 4 1 and Mike Marshall’s Bad News. Race five was won by Doyle’s The Jug 4 1, ahead of Odenbach’s Honeybadger and Marshall’s Bad News.

Racing concludes on Saturday. Photos and videos can be found on Facebook. Complete event details may be found at

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